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Knife of Dreams

Well, after about a month of procrastination, I’m finally getting around to doing the final blog post in my series of “Wheel of Time read through” responses. Thanks to all of those who emailed me reminding me I’d never gotten around to writing a post about Book Eleven. Also, those of you at LJ, it Read the full article…


First off, we’ve posted a new Writing Excuses Podcast: Flaws vs. Handicaps. Secondly, a reminder that the ELANTRIS hardcover sale ends this Friday. Now, a response to WoT Book Nine. As fans, we waited a long time for this book: The book where Saidin was to be cleansed. True, we’ve waited longer for the final Read the full article…

Path of Daggers

I found this volume a very quick read. Perhaps that’s because of its slightly shorter length, but I also think it’s because I’m settling into the newer system Mr. Jordan had for changing viewpoints. We’ve slid into the “Large chunk from a viewpoint, then very little from them for a long while” system. With novels Read the full article…


I’ve now completed my re-read of the first six WoT books. Perhaps it is my mind seeking organization where there is none, but I see these six books as having a rather interesting division. The first three each focus around a central event—the hunt for the horn, for instance, or the fall of the Stone. Read the full article…

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