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Stormlight 4 & 5 outlining
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Starsight (Skyward 2) 5th draft
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Stormlight 4 rough draft
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MTG: Children of the Nameless release
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Scribbler Chapter Three

So, the outage hasn’t actually happened yet. I missed posting yesterday because I’m lazy. I tell ya, a guy’s wife leaves town and he regresses completely back to bachelorhood in like less than ten seconds. Sleeping on the couch, eating fast food, playing video games all day, forgetting to update his blog…. Here’s a new Read the full article…

Scribbler Chapter 2 + Conduit

Here’s a new sample chapter: Scribbler Chapter Two I’ll post one more of these next week before moving on to doing some bonus Warbreaker material the week after that. Also, I’ve got a really cool reading of Elantris chapter one that someone did and I’m trying to find a good day to post it. Probably Read the full article…

Scribbler Chapter One

As I said, on Wednesdays I want to see if I can provide some sort of new goodie or writing sample each week. Partially because I enjoyed releasing Warbreaker like I did, and partially so that I can involve my readers a little bit more in the process. So, I’ll be releasing a few chapters Read the full article…

Annotation + Mail

Folks, Annotation:  Mistborn Chapter Thirty Five Part One My email was down for about four hours today, and if you sent to me, you should have gotten an ‘undeliverable’ response. If you didn’t, that means that I got the email. Either way, it is fixed now, so send again if it didn’t go through! I’m Read the full article…

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