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Mistborn Mini Figs

Okay, sorry to post yet another store item in such rapid succession. We’ve been working on a number of different items for the store, since it’s been pretty bleak since we created it, offering only the signed books. I was hoping to space out these things a little more, but they all kind of got Read the full article…

Poster Near Final Version

Ladies and gentlemen, in honor of Koloss Head-Munching day on the 19th, I proudly present to you the poster of the Allomantic Table of Metals! This is the near-final version. Why ‘near’ final? Well, I’m opening it up to you folks to find our typos. The poster image above should link to a much larger Read the full article…

Allomantic Metal Vinyl Decals!

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve put together some vinyl decals of the Mistborn Allomantic metals for you! (Sorry that the poster is taking longer than expected. We hope to have it for Christmas, but no promises. These will have to tide you over.) These are very nifty. They are of a strong vinyl, Read the full article…

Shipping For the Holidays

If you’re thinking of grabbing signed hardcovers of Mistborn or Elantris for gifts this holiday season, I’m happy to sign specific greetings!  Just remember to put an explanation in the signing instructions telling me who the book is for, and what you want me to write.  (Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Koloss Head-Munching Read the full article…

Aon Showcase: Aon Ehe

It’s a little late, but here’s another Aon showcase in conjunction with the Aon Pendants we have for sale in the store. This week: Aon Ehe! (Also, remember my signings this week!) Aon Ehe Detailed Explanation Meaning Aon Ehe represents the primal force of Fire. A complex Aon with only basic symmetry, its form Read the full article…

Elantris Hardcovers For Sale

Yesterday evening we added signed, personalized copies of ELANTRIS in hardcover to the store. These work just like the MISTBORN ones I offered in January. Also, if you missed yesterday’s post because of the holiday, have a look. I posted some interesting things. The ELANTRIS hardcovers actually cost me a lot more than the MISTBORN Read the full article…

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