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Tsunami Relief Auctions, Writing & Illustrating for Young Readers

Tor has donated a few of my books for auction at Genre for Japan, a charity drive to support the British Red Cross’s Japan Tsunami Appeal. The auctions include a THE WAY OF KINGS audiobook, hardcovers of THE GATHERING STORM and TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT, and a Mistborn boxset. You can go to those links to Read the full article…

Wheel of Time Shirts

There haven’t ever, so far as I know, been official Wheel of Time T-shirts. A lot of people have asked where they can get them. Finally we have a place: Ta’veren Tees. I’ve got a few of the shirts, and they’re awesome. (Particularly the Far Dareis Mai one.) Their press release follows. OFFICIAL WHEEL OF Read the full article…

Final holiday shipping deadline

Peter here. Brandon’s other assistant Becky wanted me to make one more blog post about signed book shipping. So that books shipped inside the U.S. by Priority Mail may arrive in time for Christmas, all orders must be in by midnight the night of December 12th. Becky will get Brandon to sign everything the next Read the full article…

Brandon Sanderson Newsletter for November 2010

TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT IS OUT Hi there. It’s Brandon’s assistant Peter writing the newsletter this time. Brandon is currently at a signing in Cincinnati, and any spare minutes he does have he’ll probably spend writing, so it falls to me to write the newsletter. You’re receiving this because you signed up or sent Brandon fan Read the full article…

Registering for Worldcon, TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT News, InkWing T-Shirt

The World Science Fiction Convention, Worldcon for short, is held in a different city throughout the world each year. Next year it will be in Reno, Nevada, from August 17th through 21st. Hundreds of professionals in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror field congregate along with a few thousand fans. I’ll be going, and will Read the full article…

Signed Book Shipping Delays

This post isn’t about the signed & numbered copies of THE WAY OF KINGS from Sam Weller’s, which will go out on schedule. Not surprisingly the demand is not quite as high as it was for THE GATHERING STORM, so if you haven’t ordered yet, you still have a good chance of getting a relatively Read the full article…

Amazonfail 2010, Mythmaker Interview, Updates

The big story over the weekend was that Amazon temporarily stopped selling all Macmillan books, which includes all my books from Tor, to protest Macmillan’s new ebook terms. There’s not a lot I have to add to this discussion, except to say that Tor’s publicity department thought the illustration accompanying Engadget’s article on the affair Read the full article…

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