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Guest Blogging, Babel Clash, Interviews, Authorpalooza Tomorrow, and TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT Tour

Peter here again. Brandon is back from his tour, but he’s been very active online everywhere except his own website, it seems! First up, last weekend John Scalzi’s Whatever blog featured a guest post essay by Brandon entitled Postmodernism in Fantasy. For people confused about what that might cover, let me say it involves a Read the full article…

Amazonfail 2010, Mythmaker Interview, Updates

The big story over the weekend was that Amazon temporarily stopped selling all Macmillan books, which includes all my books from Tor, to protest Macmillan’s new ebook terms. There’s not a lot I have to add to this discussion, except to say that Tor’s publicity department thought the illustration accompanying Engadget’s article on the affair Read the full article…

Day of ScalziLovehate!

So, today on Twitter, I noticed my friend (and evil nemesis) John Scalzi complaining that the people saying mean things about him on Twitter just¬† weren’t interesting enough in their hate.¬† Exact quote: @scalzi I don’t mind mean, nasty things being said about me, @jer_ . Just make them, you know, INTERESTING. Boring meanness is Read the full article…

Defeated Again! + FAQ

So, you may be aware that I’m going to Denver this weekend to take part in the Mountains and Plains Book Association conference. Essentially, I’ll sit and be pleasant while independent booksellers wander by and pick up copies (for free) of my books, which I will sign for them and beg them to read. I Read the full article…

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