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MTG: Children of the Nameless release
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FAQ: What is your publication story? +Annotation +Quote

First, Annotation: Mistborn Chapter Twenty-Seven Second, Quote Board: “Secret princess princess does not need to see her own bare bleeding chest on a man.” — Fellfrosch (In our RPG campaign last night.) Third, I’ve finished the Mistborn 3 edit! Yay! Now I can finally write something new. Dragonsteel book one, here I come. Finally, as Read the full article…

Warbreaker + Quote

New Warbreaker Chapter: Chapter Forty-Nine Link to the Warbreaker Explanation So, if any of you out there are reading this book, and are interested in doing some fan art, I’d love to see it. Since Warbreaker won’t be out for another two years, and since I’m planning on podcasting an audio version of it starting Read the full article…

Warbreaker + Quote Board

To stop the angry mobs from beating down my door, here is this week’s Warbreaker: Chapter Forty-Seven If you’re new, look here for a Warbreaker explanation. I have decided something. We need a new feature on the bsblog. Usually, I use ‘Pemberly Moments’ to list strange things my wife has said, taken out of context. Read the full article…

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