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Registering for Worldcon, TOWERS OF MIDNIGHT News, InkWing T-Shirt

The World Science Fiction Convention, Worldcon for short, is held in a different city throughout the world each year. Next year it will be in Reno, Nevada, from August 17th through 21st. Hundreds of professionals in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror field congregate along with a few thousand fans. I’ll be going, and will Read the full article…

Updates, Tightening Language, and Suvudu Interview

At Comic-Con this past weekend I did an interview with Shawn Speakman of Suvudu where I talk about THE WAY OF KINGS among other things. Check it out. In the most recent WARBREAKER annotations I talk about Ramblemen, Idris’s drabness, Mab the cook, and Dedelin’s decision, Siri’s departure and character shifts, and monks in Idris Read the full article…

Updates + More THE WAY OF KINGS Previews

The most recent Writing Excuses podcast episodes feature the return of Howard Tayler after his hiatus from the episodes recorded at CONduit. First up we discuss avoiding stilted dialogue. Then we talk about major overhauls to broken stories. WARBREAKER annotations are going up, with entries added for the map, the acknowledgments page, and the first Read the full article…

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