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For Your Nomination Consideration + Worldcon Deadline

Hugo Award nomination season began this month, so I thought I’d let you know what categories my works are eligible in. If you don’t know what the Hugo Awards are or how nominating and voting works, I also talk about that below. If you want to nominate, the registration deadline is January 31st. (You can Read the full article…

Mistborn Movie News

I’m holding off on my regular Monday update until tomorrow in order to talk about the Mistborn movie deal press release that went out today and has popped up on a few genre news sites. When it comes to optioning my adult fantasy novels for the big screen, I’ve occasionally gotten nibbles from random people Read the full article…

Press Release: Mistborn Movie Option

January 11, 2010 For Immediate Release For Further Information Please Contact Paloppa Pictures: [email protected] Brandon Sanderson: Joshua Bilmes at JABberwocky Literary Agency, 718-392-5985 Paloppa Pictures LLC and Brandon Sanderson are pleased to announce that Paloppa has taken an option on film rights to Sanderson’s NY Times bestselling Mistborn fantasy trilogy. Sanderson is the most successful Read the full article…

Warbreaker Chapter + Hollywood

Conduit was a blast! I big thanks to everyone who said hello, and to those who organized the deal. I’m already looking forward to MountainCon next fall, at which I’m doing the official guest thing. And, speaking of fun things, I’m flying out on Wednesday to go to sunny Hollywood and meet with some producers, Read the full article…

Speed Racer

A mighty thanks to all of those who posted to let me know that I shouldn’t be afraid to go see Speed Racer. I did, and I agree–it was a good movie. I enjoyed it more than Iron Man, actually–though I understand why I would be in the minority on that one. Seeing the movie, Read the full article…

Iron Man

I finally saw Iron Man the other day. I know, I’m a little slow to the party, but I did want to get to it eventually. I love a good superhero story, which is odd, since comics never managed to grab hold of me as a kid. My guess is that I like the archetypes Read the full article…

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