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MTG: Children of the Nameless release
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Warbreaker + Maps

First off, Wednesday Warbreaker! This is chapter 25, for those keeping count, and marks the end of Part Two (at least philosophically. I don’t know if these divisions will remain in the book when it gets published. So, to be helpful, I’ve collected all of Part Two together in a single download. As always, find Read the full article…

Annotation + FAQ

As promised, here’s the next Mistborn Annotation. Also, I’ll be posting a new episode of Amphigory Eleven (My Bad Pun Serial) tomorrow. It might be later in the day, however. My agent, Joshua Bilmes, is in town, and I’ve been driving him about to various locations. Joshua’s kind of amusing. He likes to see the Read the full article…

Back + Annotation!

First off, here’s the new Mistborn Annotation! Sorry to miss the post on Friday. As you may have guessed, I’m back from Denver. MPBA was a blast, as always. I got to meet a lot of independent booksellers, and really enjoyed myself. Nothing is better than being able to hand out a lot of books Read the full article…

Ninjas + Annotation

First off, let me post a New Annotation. Secondly, let’s talk a little more about those screwy friends who built me the Scalzi award. Worldcon was a lot of fun this year, partially because of the fact that I was able to go with so many good friends. I don’t have pictures of them all, Read the full article…

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