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Stormlight 4 & 5 outlining
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Starsight (Skyward 2) 5th draft
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Stormlight 4 rough draft
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MTG: Children of the Nameless release
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Tour, The Gathering Storm Chapter 1 + More, Parsec Award, Geekarati

I’ll be discussing some of these things in more detail later, but since I’m a couple days behind on announcing recent developments, first I’m just posting a quick catch-up entry for today. My excellent webmaster and brother, Jordan, has added an Events page to the site. I know, people have been asking for a page Read the full article…

More Twitter Fun

Okay, let’s get this rolling. First off, remember that I’ll be doing #tweettheauthor here in about 40 min. (Starting at 12:00 Mountain.) It’s going to be interesting. Can Brandon answer questions in 140 characters? We shall see. Feel free to start shooting me questions right about that time. Just post them and include #tweettheauthor at Read the full article…

Borders Blog

As many of you know, I feel bad that I don’t have much time lately to hang around on forums (even my own) and chat with my fans. People often send me emails saying “With all you do, how do you even find time to sleep?” I…well, sometimes I do have trouble finding time for Read the full article…

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