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The Apocalypse Guard 1st draft
16 %
Oathbringer (Stormlight 3) first pass proofread
54 %
Snapshot novella release
100 %
Arcanum Unbounded release (including Edgedancer)
100 %

My essay on Terry Pratchett + Updates

On Saturday posted an essay of mine entitled “Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Might Be The Highest Form of Literature on the Planet.” I’ve mentioned my love of Terry Pratchett a few times on the blog before, but in this essay I lay out my whole case. Michael Whelan has signed prints of the A MEMORY Read the full article…

EUOLogy: Dumbledore

Since I’m LDS, readers have occasionally asked my views on homosexuality and the like. Such questions have always been respectful, and I’ve enjoyed the conversations. I finally got around to writing up my perspective, as an LDS writer, on the whole Dumbledore thing. It’s long, so I’m not going to post it here, but you Read the full article…

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