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Brandon Sanderson Newsletter for February 2006

—Breaking News: Brandon will be appearing as a guest on the “Wakin’ Up With Rebecca and Kurt” radio show Wednesday, the 22nd at around 8:30 am. The station is AM 820, and should be available in Utah County and Salt Lake.— INTRODUCTION Howdy all! You’re getting this because you signed up for the Brandon Sanderson Read the full article…

Brandon’s LTUE Schedule 2006

Stop over at BYU on Thursday Feb 16th through the weekend for a free science fiction/fantasy convention. Kevin J. Anderson is the guest of honor. I’ll be on the following panels: Thurs. 1:00 pm: magic in fantasy (M) Fri. 9:00 am: Creating a sense of wonder Fri. 12:00 pm: Muddy or magical middles Sat. 9:00 Read the full article…

EUOLogy #4: I Give Up

Since this has been unofficial “let’s respond to Worldcon” week at the TWG, I figured I should say something about it here today. The thing is, I’m having problems coming up with something to make fun of. Worldcon was depressingly . . . well, normal. I’ve always heard (usually while attending World Fantasy Con) that Worldcon was crazy. Read the full article…

Brandon Sanderson’s Worldcon 2004 Schedule

Brandon will be on several panels this week at Noreascon 4. The events are listed by topic with the date and convention room following. Names with (m) after then are the pannel moderators. How Does the Magic Work? Thursday 1:00pm H206 Susan Casper P. C. Hodgell Katherine Kurtz Laurie J. Marks Katya Reimann (m) Brandon Read the full article…

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