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My buddy and Writing Excuses cohost Dan Wells recently released his hilarious gothic vampire novel A NIGHT OF BLACKER DARKNESS as an ebook. I’m embedding a preview of it below, and you can get it on Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and Smashwords. This is still one of my personal favorite novels—quirky and strange, but very amusing Read the full article…


First some updates. This week’s Writing Excuses podcast episode features Sherrilyn Kenyon talking about how to make your readers fear for your characters. The newest WARBREAKER annotation is on a climactic moment in the Siri/Susebron relationship. And there’s a new batch of Twitter posts up, covering the past month. Review of THE WISE MAN’S FEAR Read the full article…

For Your Nomination Consideration + Worldcon Deadline

Hugo Award nomination season began this month, so I thought I’d let you know what categories my works are eligible in. If you don’t know what the Hugo Awards are or how nominating and voting works, I also talk about that below. If you want to nominate, the registration deadline is January 31st. (You can Read the full article…

Gemmell Voting,Wheel of Time Article,Audible Tournament Winner+Updates

Voting has begun for the David Gemmell Legend Award, which I mentioned last week. It will continue through May 31st. Both WARBREAKER and THE GATHERING STORM are among the five nominees, but if you’re struggling to pick one I’d recommend THE GATHERING STORM since I feel it’s more in the spirit of Mr. Gemmell’s work. Read the full article…

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