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2013 Convention Exclusive: Firstborn & Defending Elysium

This year I’ll be going to several conventions—JordanCon, Phoenix Comicon, ConnectiCon, and SpoCon (among others not yet announced). Last year I started doing convention exclusives, which I’d been wanting to do for a while—something to make it worth the effort for people to go out of their way to come see me. This year’s exclusive Read the full article…

Podcasts, STEELHEART & THE RITHMATIST Covers, Writing Video

A couple new podcast episodes for you. This week’s Writing Excuses podcast episode is an in-depth discussion of “Deus ex Nauseum,” Howard’s bonus story at the end of Schlock Mercenary: Emperor Pius Dei. Also, on the Farland’s Authors Advisory Conference Calls, artists Isaac Stewart and Ben McSweeney (whose work has appeared in the Mistborn books, Read the full article…

Writing Excuses & Stormlight Archive writing video

Just a quick post today. The newest Writing Excuses podcast episode is another where we sat down with Dan’s brother Robison Wells. This time we talked about writing and personal health. Give it a listen. For the fifth of my Stormlight Archive volume two writing videos, we were able to get permission to include most Read the full article…

Stormlight writing video & music + Updates

The most recent podcast episode of Writing Excuses features Dan’s brother Robison Wells talking with us about cliffhangers and icebergs—when it’s a good idea to leave people in the dark, and when it’s a bad idea. Check it out. My assistant Peter has uploaded another Twitter posts archive. This one doesn’t have as many spoilers Read the full article…

Videos & Updates

I donated a signed first edition of MISTBORN for an auction at Con or Bust, which helps fans of color attend SFF conventions. Check it out. The most recent Writing Excuses podcast episode talks about retellings and adaptations. Believe it or not, yesterday was the five-year anniversary of the very first episode. Wow! I have Read the full article…

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