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Annotation + Wallpaper + Link Dump

First off, it’s Monday, which means a new Mistborn Annotation: Chapter Twenty-Eight Part One (and it’s a particularly long one.) I was poking around on Naomi Novik’s website, and noticed that she had wallpapers up for her cool dragon series Temeraire. I thought, why in the heck don’t I have wallpapers? I’ve got books. I’ve Read the full article…

Sludge World!

Time for an: (Bask in the New Art glyph. Ooo.) Idea of the Day: Sludge world. All of the people live on islands surrounded by a large, thick sludge. (Or something equally disturbing.) Touching it isn’t really healthy. So, where did the sludge come from? What does it do to you? How do people cross Read the full article…

There’s No Place Like it!

By popular demand, I hereby declare Tuesdays to be Bad Visual Pun day! If you really want to laugh, I’d suggest this comic. As opposed to me, this guy actually has a sense of humor. Warbreaker tomorrow!

Spontaneous Frogs

We haven’t done a story prompt in a while, so here we go! Idea of the day: Spontaneous Generation (Link Here) is real. Frogs come from mud, mice are born out of old rags sitting in piles, maggots are created by rotten meat.     Ah, mice. Always popping fully formed out of pots of Read the full article…

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