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Gemmell Voting,Wheel of Time Article,Audible Tournament Winner+Updates

Voting has begun for the David Gemmell Legend Award, which I mentioned last week. It will continue through May 31st. Both WARBREAKER and THE GATHERING STORM are among the five nominees, but if you’re struggling to pick one I’d recommend THE GATHERING STORM since I feel it’s more in the spirit of Mr. Gemmell’s work. Read the full article…

Gemmel Nominations, Audible Tournament, Suvudu Cage Match + Updates

Though there’s a lot of ground to cover, this post is going to have to be quick due to my WAY OF KINGS deadline coming up on April 8th. First off, the latest Writing Excuses podcast covers juggling multiple viewpoints. And the most recent MISTBORN 3 annotations talk about what the mistsickness is doing and Read the full article…

Updates, Audies, Vote for the David Gemmell Legend Award!

In the most recent MISTBORN 3 annotations, I discuss Vin’s defense before Yomen and what happened to Janarle. And in this week’s Writing Excuses podcast, Dan, Howard, James Dashner, and I take questions from the crowd at LTU&E, covering a variety of topics. Check it out. THE GATHERING STORM was named as one of five Read the full article…

Hugo nomination season, GoodReads Q&A, Pat Rothfuss’s Worldbuilders charity drive, Updates

This year’s World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon) will be held in Melbourne, Australia from September 2nd through September 6th. Unfortunately, I won’t be in attendance since I’ll be going to Dragon*Con in Atlanta that same weekend. However, every year the members of Worldcon vote on and present the Hugo Awards, and I have three books Read the full article…

David Gemmell Legend Award, Updates, THE SPEED OF DARK

First off, a note about the David Gemmell Legend Award. Named after the late, great UK writer of heroic fantasy, the award is in its second year and seeks to showcase novels “in the spirit or tradition of David Gemmell’s own work” (for what that means, see here). Titles are nominated by publishers and then Read the full article…

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