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EUOLogy #9: Bunnies for Everyone

Since it’s Halloween, I thought I’d talk about something frightening: Bunnies. Vampire bunnies. Ninja vampire bunnies. Okay, so, maybe not that ninja part. But definitely vampire bunnies—one in particular. So, my roommate (Mr. “I’m not in there!” from the other week) was recently given a collection of young adult books as a birthday present. Most Read the full article…

SPIN STATE by Chris Moriarty

One Sentence Synopsis: A female soldier assigned as the new security captain for a problematic world has to investigate the death of a famous scientist and recover her lost notes before they fall into the wrong hands. Genre: Post-cyberpunk murder-mystery with an edge of hard science and a lot of political intrigue. Continuity: Completely stand-alone, Read the full article…


by L. E. Modesitt, published by Tor Books. Since I ranted about the Da Vinci Code in a EUOLogy a few weeks ago, I figured that I should balance out my ponderings by talking about a book I actually liked. Fortunately, I just happened to have one handy I read my first Modesitt book back Read the full article…

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