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EUOLogy #15: Psychological Anatomy of a Writer Part Three

So, let’s talk about arrogance. Writers are arrogant. There’s just no getting around it. Now, some people prefer to make the term sound a little more benign, using euphemisms like ‘self-confident’ or ‘self-assured’ instead. However, I don’t really think these terms work as well. Writers aren’t really self-assured—most of us are terribly insecure about our Read the full article…

EUOLogy #16: Christmas Humbugs

So, here’s a Christmas editorial for you all. If you have no interest in religous-themed rants, you might want to go read one of my writing editorials. This time of year, I’m getting tired of seeing films, reading essays, or hearing sermons about the ‘true meaning of Christmas.’ Now, here’s the thing. I’m a practicing Read the full article…

For the Great One

Seeing us gathered around the television on Tuesday, waiting breathlessly to see the fell blow that ended our mortal hero’s reign, you might have thought us jackals awaiting a feast. One passer-by did make note of this, commenting on how we’d paid little attention to the hero’s recent victories, yet had all come to watch Read the full article…

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