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The Bieberllama

Well, the results are in: whose book sold best, James’s or Brandon’s—and the winner is Brandon. … Brandon Mull. That’s right, Brandon Mull’s Wild Born has defeated both Steelheart and The Eye of Minds. Brandon Mull is a good friend of mine and James Dashner’s, and his book outsold both of ours last week, so Read the full article…


All right, there has been way too much highbrow political mumbo jumbo being posted on this website recently. It’s time we get back to our roots. And, what are those roots? Stupid puns, of course! Last week commemorated the passing of a certain political figure in American history, and so I just couldn’t help myself. Read the full article…


Well, folks, I can safely say that I know ONE reason why the book has been so tough to find for some people. We got numbers for last week today, and they look pretty darn good. Bookscan (the Nielsen ratings for books) lists MISTBORN: WELL OF ASCENSION as the #3 hardback fantasy of the week, Read the full article…

We’ve hit a new low

Here’s a bad pun for y’all: Ha ha…ahem. Guesses and reveals go in the comments section of my Livejournal. Anyway, still working away at Mistborn 3. My thanks to all of you who have pre-ordered Mistborn 2 on Amazon. Our sales rank has been looking pretty darn keen lately, and that gives me a boost. Read the full article…

Amphigory + Camping

I resisted posting this Amphigory for a long time, since I wanted to find a way that DIDN’T imply I wanted to cause violence or harm to anyone. In the end, I couldn’t resist. Remember, it’s just a pun, folks! Nothing more than that. And, I’m off to go camping again. How is it that Read the full article…


Um…didn’t intend this one to turn out as creepy as it did. Ah, well. If you’re confused, try looking up prehistoric sea dwellers and mix them with a certain New York real estate mogul. I’ll have something more interesting tomorrow. Perhaps a chapter from the old Mistborn book I wrote long before I got published.

Amphigory + Annotation

I thought long and hard about just the perfect Amphigory to do today. I wanted something that was quick, yet powerful–something that would specifically make Tage want to throw things at me. You have no idea how much I suffer for my art. (It is truly difficult to continue topping myself. Ah, whatever shall I Read the full article…

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