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Szeth T-Shirt Contest, Lecture Video + Updates

InkWing has another T-shirt contest going on at their blog, for a shirt that will be available at Comic-Con in San Diego. They don’t have a picture of the shirt yet, but it’s going to use Ben McSweeney’s image of Szeth from THE WAY OF KINGS.

InkWing has also taken over the Allomantic symbol decals that we have in our store. If you want to get one of these to put on your car, laptop, or whatever, go over to InkWing.

The newest ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE EVIL LIBRARIANS annotation covers chapter seventeen. This one talks about losing sleep because you can’t stop reading.

The Writing Excuses podcast I run with Dan Wells, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Howard Tayler has another two episodes up. The first one talks about writing capers/heists, and the second one is another life Q&A from Life, the Universe & Everything on these questions:

  • What was Brandon’s plan with MISTBORN and the themes regarding establishment?
  • Why does Kelsier shrug so much? (This leads into a fun discussion of “tells.”)
  • How do you know when to stop a chapter? What about expanding it?
  • How do you make your prose more transparent?
  • How do you decide who and what to cut?
  • What do you do to filter out the extraneous ideas that come while you’re writing?
  • What can collaborators do in order to create a single “voice” for the book?
  • What’s the best way to tackle a long backstory?’s science blogger Dr. Lee Falin has another article on possible scientific explanations for the magic in the Mistborn series. This article covers pewter.

Scott Ashton has uploaded another one of my creative writing class lectures. This one talks a lot about agents and publishing contract terms.

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