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Suppose I’d better use this thing. . . .

So, since my dear brother went to all the trouble to put this blog up, I guess I’d better get along to making some entries.

So, what’s up? Let’s see . . . I started work on the WAY OF KINGS rewrite today. Boy, this is going to take some work. The first quarter of the book needs serious revising, and it’s always tough for me to do revisions like this. It’s hard for me to write something when I know I’ve already written it—I keep worrying that the original is better, or that I’ll leave something important out.

I’m a ‘straight through’ kind of writer. That’s the only way I know that I have plotting devices and other items in the right place. When I come along later and rewrite, I’m worried that this will throw off the learning curve in the book, leaving out some vital clue or character development.

But, oh well. It must be done.

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