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StoryBundle last chance, Sugarhouse signing, Shardhunt, Lego Shattered Plains

Today is the final day to get the Epic Fantasy Bundle (which includes The Emperor’s Soul if you’re outside the UK and associated territories) from StoryBundle. After 11:00 p.m. Mountain time today, the bundle will no longer be available. By the way, the winners of yesterday’s contest are Ashley Wilson-Rew, Matthew Holmes, Matt Jarchow, Prem, and Tess. Check for an email from my assistant Peter Ahlstrom and make sure to download your books tonight before the bundle offer expires!

The official Words of Radiance book tour is over (see yesterday’s post for a list of bookstores with signed books), but I’m doing an extra signing this Saturday in Salt Lake City at the Barnes & Noble in Sugarhouse starting at 3:00 p.m. This signing will go pretty much like the signings on the tour, but I hope it won’t last five hours. Anyway, I’ll sign any book I wrote that you bring, but it’s nice to support the store hosting me by buying something while you’re there. I will also do a reading and public Q&A (don’t worry, no spoilers for Words of Radiance will be allowed!). See the event listing for full details.

I also signed a bunch of books during the Literacy Promise conference, and those signed books are now at the Funfinity store in Springville, UT. Give them a call to see what’s left: (801) 491-8940

The Shardhunt is still ongoing. The most recent unlockable was a discussion of the back-and-forth development process for the Whitespine page from Shallan’s Sketchbook in Words of Radiance. (You can see the final versions of all of the art pages here.)

Here are some more stores that are participating in the Shardhunt. Give them a call to see if they have any books left that include signed bookplates and Szeth die-cut standup cards.

  • Asheville, NC: Malaprop’s Bookstore and Cafe (828) 254-6734 (Thanks, Erin!)
  • Hamilton, MT: Chapter One Book Store (406) 363-5220 (Say hi to Mara!)
  • Homewood, AL: Books-A-Million (205) 870-0213 (Thanks, Lyndsie!)
  • New Orleans, LA: Octavia Books (504) 899-READ (Say hi to Tom!)
  • Coral Gables, FL: Books & Books (305) 442-4408 (Thanks, Noah!)
  • Hanover, MD: Books-A-Million (443) 755-0210 (Say hi to Kaye!)
  • San Francisco, CA: Books Inc. (415) 864-6777 (Thanks, Larry!)

And here are a few more airport stores where I signed books and inserted Szeth cards (or Syl and koloss stickers, if I ran out of the Szeth cards). Sometimes these get snapped up very quickly, but sometimes they stick around for weeks, so if you’re traveling through these airports be sure to check.

  • SLC: Simply Books by gate C6
  • MSP: Store by gate F5, and the “mall” store
  • MKE: Newsstand by gate D30
  • ORD: Barbara’s Books in E gates
  • PHL: Heritage Books between B & C gates
  • Philadelphia 30th St. train station: Faber Books
  • DAY: Heritage Booksellers

Lastly, here’s something very much out of the normal swing of things. Rick Martin on Facebook posted these photos of two The Way of Kings-related Lego builds: the Battle of the Tower and the Chasmfiend hunt. The detail on these is amazing. Check out the full gallery here (but note that it contains spoilers if you haven’t read The Way of Kings yet!).

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