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Storybundle Covers

Wednesday night is the last chance to name your price for StoryBundle‘s Epic Fantasy Bundle. They’ve given me fifteen download codes to give away. Five of them are being given away on Twitter and five on Facebook. I’ll also give away five here on the blog. My assistant says I have to put in some kind of requirement for these types of things, and he suggests signing up for the newsletter. So that’s what we’ll say: use the contact form here to say you’re entering this contest, check the box that says “Notify me when Brandon is signing near my city & add me to the mailing list” (or remind me if you’re already on my list), and tell me the city where you live. Valid entries received before noon Mountain Time on Wednesday will be accepted, and five winners will be chosen randomly. All codes must be redeemed before the Epic Fantasy Bundle is removed from sale Wednesday night.

Anyone can enter the contest unless you live in the UK, Commonwealth (although Canada is not excluded from the contest), or a former Commonwealth country. I’m putting in this restriction since anyone in those countries who gets the Epic Fantasy Bundle won’t be able to include The Emperor’s Soul in your download because my UK publisher has the distribution rights in those territories. I don’t want to encourage you to enter the contest if you can’t win any of my books. (Though actually, if you’re in one of those countries and already have The Emperor’s Soul or for some other reason want to enter the contest anyway, knowing you can’t get that book, you can go ahead and say that when you enter and I’ll accept the entry. Up to you!) If you’re not sure whether your country is on the exclusion list, go to, click on the The Emperor’s Soul cover image, and check to see if the description that pops up includes a warning saying the book won’t be included in the bundle.

Speaking of the newsletter, I only send out three or four each year (though to date I’ve never managed to send more than three), usually around the time when a book is released. All of the newsletters are archived here. The March newsletter is now online.

My book tour for Words of Radiance is now over, though I still have some conventions throughout the year and I’ll be signing in the UK in the London area right at the beginning of August (details forthcoming). I’ve also left a lot of signed books in my wake. Many of the stores where I signed at would be happy to ship you a signed book. Give one of these stores a call!

San Diego: Mysterious Galaxy (858) 268-4747
Huntington Beach CA: Barnes & Noble (714) 897-8781
San Rafael CA: Copperfield’s Books (415) 524-2800
San Francisco: Borderlands Books (415) 824-8203
Beaverton OR: Powell’s Books (503) 228-4651
Seattle: University Book Store (206) 634-3400
Houston: Murder by the Book (713) 524-2595
Omaha: Barnes & Noble (402) 691-4557
Scottsdale AZ: The Poisoned Pen (480) 947-2974
Tucson: Mostly Books (520) 571-0110
Lexington KY: Joseph-Beth (859) 273-2911 (they also have signed Michael Whelan art prints)
Beavercreek OH: Books & Co (937) 429-2169
McLean VA: Barnes & Noble (703) 506-2937
Collegeville PA: Towne Book Center (610) 454-0640
Skokie IL: Barnes & Noble (847) 676-2230
Milwaukee: Boswell Book Company (414) 332-1181

My assistant Peter has added more tweets to the March Twitter posts archive.

On this week’s Writing Excuses episode we touch on more rapid-fire questions, joined by Eric James Stone.

  • What writing rule do you break the most?
  • When you review your novel do you print it out and mark it up, or do you edit on the computer?
  • How long do you wait between finishing a novel and starting the editing process?
  • What is the number-one issue that you have to overcome each day in order to put words to paper?
  • How do you feel with the fear of screwing up when you’re writing the other?
  • When giving a book as a gift, how do you decide on a book to give?
  • Any advice for people wanting to write a grand, universal story for their fantasy novel?
  • Is there a place you go to be inspired to write?
  • Do you ever have trouble writing characters out of the story (you know, by killing them)?
  • How do you strike the balance between too little description and too much?

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