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Stormlight Videos + Updates

This past weekend I had a great time at JordanCon. Next year‘s Author Guest of Honor will be Patrick Rothfuss, with Artist Guest of Honor Larry Elmore. It should be awesome.

While I was there I signed a number of books for two booksellers, The Missing Volume and Basement Books. They each also have a handful of copies of my Firstborn/Defending Elysium convention exclusive—but I forgot to sign those. Whoops. Still, if you’re not at a con, this is the only way to get your hands on that hardcover until much later this year. Both booksellers will ship to you.

The Missing Volume
Raleigh, NC
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 321-297-6635
Plenty of signed copies of The Emperor’s Soul and one signed copy of a number of other hardcovers and paperbacks such as The Alloy of Law, Wheel of Time books, and The Way of Kings. Inquire for details.

Basement Books
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 770-849-9659
20 signed copies of Legion (very hard to find elsewhere!), a few signed 1st editions of Warbreaker, copies of The Alloy of Law triple-signed by Brandon, Ben, & Isaac, signed copies of The Emperor’s Soul.

The latest Writing Excuses podcast is another brainstorming episode, where Mary, Howard, and Dan help me come up with ideas for a story about psychic birds. Enjoy. And yes, I did end up writing this story (a novelette) after doing the podcast. More on that in the future. has put up another two chapters of their reread of THE WAY OF KINGS: chapters 3 and 4. This covers Shallan’s introduction and Kaladin’s arrival at the Shattered Plains.

If you missed my AMA at Reddit, you can find my answers here.

I’ve finished uploading the videos of me writing one of the interludes from WORDS OF RADIANCE, the sequel to THE WAY OF KINGS. I’ve also made a high-speed version of all of the writing, which you can see below, if the real-time version was too slow for you. There’s a playlist of all of the real-time videos here, and the final video (if you were keeping up already) is here.

This has been a bit of an experiment, to show my writing process. Now that it’s all done, what have you thought about the experiment?

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