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Stormlight Archive Name Auction Winner, T-Shirts + Updates

Last week I talked about the charity auction to get your name in the next Stormlight Archive book. Well, the auction is now over. The winner is Jason Lynn Pittman, and his winning bid was $1,825, which will go to support Utah’s science fiction and fantasy symposium Life, the Universe, and Everything. Once I sit down to plan out the book (after I’ve written the first draft of A MEMORY OF LIGHT), I’ll figure out where Jason’s character will fit in and how to adapt his name to Roshar.

If you’re interested in donating directly to LTUE, I said how at the bottom of the previous post. Plus there’s also another auction going on right now for a pretty cool king-sized dragon quilt that also benefits LTUE.

InkWing has yet another contest—they’re giving away two Kaladin T-shirts and two button packs. And Ta’veren Tees has a new band of the red hand/it’s time to toss the dice shirt up for preorder. I got one of these at JordanCon and it’s pretty cool. Check out their announcement here.

In the most recent WARBREAKER annotation I talk about the vote to go to war against Idris. And this week’s Writing Excuses podcast episode covers what a writer wants and does not want in an alpha reader. There’s also a new Twitter posts collection on the site.

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