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STEELHEART Release in the UK + UK Trailer

Steelheart was released Thursday in the UK! In the upper right of this post are tabs where you can see links to buy the book in the UK and associated territories.

I wrote a blog post for my UK publisher, Gollancz, which you can see here. Fantasy Faction also has the reveal of the UK trailer for Steelheart; go read what they have to say about it, but I’m also posting it below.

Finally, I have a way to get a Steelhunt code just for people in the UK. You see, in London is one of my very favorite bookstores, Forbidden Planet. I signed there a couple of years ago, and it was fantastic. I think if you’re in London and are going to buy Steelheart, Forbidden Planet is a great place to do it—and there are several other Forbidden Planet store locations throughout the UK. So I’m going to give out Steelhunt codes to the first five people who go to Forbidden Planet, buy Steelheart, and have a picture taken standing next to a Forbidden Planet employee and holding your copy of Steelheart. Email your photo to my assistant Kara, and she will get the first five of you a Steelhunt code. Please be aware that I may want to use your photo in a blog post.

This is not the only opportunity that UK fans will have to find a Steelhunt code. Stay tuned.

And now, the UK trailer for Steelheart, which makes use of the excellent cover illustration by Sam Green.

Steelheart UK cover by Sam Green

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