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Steelheart ebook sale + Mistborn dice Kickstarter

The release of Firefight is just three weeks away! My book tour should be announced very soon. And for the next few weeks up until the Firefight release, the first book in the Reckoners trilogy, Steelheart, has its ebook on sale for $2.99 in the US and Canada. (Check the country tabs to the right to see what your local price is.) If you haven’t read it (or Mitosis, the $1.99 ebook novelette that goes between the two books), now is a great chance!

There’s also something cool for Mistborn fans that just started this week. Crafty Games is putting out more Mistborn dice (for use with the Mistborn Adventure Game or any other game with dice). They’re normal 6-sided dice, but since each Mistborn metal symbol has a dot in it, the one-dot side of the die is replaced with a metal symbol. To determine quantities and how many different metal symbols to use, Crafty is running a Kickstarter campaign. Since the campaign went live yesterday it has already funded, but the stretch goals add to the number of symbols included. Right now each set of eight dice has four symbols in it, but each goal adds a symbol until they get up to ten dice with ten symbols—with additional campaign-exclusive dice possible after that if the total goes high enough.

The campaign runs for 39 more days. Check it out here.

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