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Starsight Release Party

Adam here. We are only three weeks away from the release of Starsight and its coinciding party. As we’ve said before, if you’re hoping to get a personalized copy of one of Brandon’s books this holiday season, your only opportunity will be at the Starsight release party on November 26th.

This will be a ticketed event but free tickets are available, though they don’t guarantee you a seat. More on this later.

The party starts at 6:00 p.m. at Mountain View High school in Orem, Utah and will include:

  • Games, prizes, and swag
  • Starsight photo booth and cosplayer photo booth.
  • Author reading
  • Artist booths for Bryan Mark Taylor, Howard Lyon, Miranda Meeks, and Steve Argyle.
  • Merchandise booths with the Brandon Sanderson Store, Barnes & Noble, and Badali Jewelry.
  • Other booths featuring the Lightweaver Foundation (more on this below), 17th Shard, and Wandering Game Nights.
  • The Lightweaver Foundation, which is Brandon’s charitable foundation, will be doing a book drive for the Road Home Library in Salt Lake City. So if you have any books you’d like to share, they’ll be doing a raffle (with each book being worth one ticket) for a “Mega” Sanderson gift basket. They also accept cash and card donations. We know books are heavy and you probably won’t want to tote them around the party, so we are providing an easy dropoff box next to the ticketing office, or we can send a helper with you to get them from your vehicle.

    We are providing several different ticketing options for attendees but be sure to get your tickets soon as online ticket orders will close on November 23rd at 11:30 p.m. (MDT)

    • Free Admission Pass – this will get you into the party. No book. And no guaranteed seat.
    • Pre-order Book and Pass – this ticket gets you into the party and ONE (1) reserved area seat, a pre-signed copy of Starsight, and a Doomslug lanyard. Plus One Passes are available if you want to have someone accompany you. The Plus One Pass includes access to the event, a reserved area seat, and the Doomslug lanyard. Ages 10+ need a ticket for a seat.
    • VIP Pass – This ticket gets you into the party and a pre-signed copy of Starsight, ONE (1) VIP reserved area seat, Starsight swag bag, premier event T-shirt (below), and Doomslug lanyard. VIP Plus One Passes are available if you wantg someone to accompany you. The VIP Plus One Pass includes entry to the VIP reserved seating area, Starsight swag bag, premiere event T-shirt (below), and Doomslug lanyard. Ages 10+ need a ticket for a seat.

    Designed by Isaac Stewart and Ben McSweeney.

    Where to pick up your pass

    9:00–5:30 p.m. at the Orem Barnes & Noble.

    5:00–11:00 p.m. at the Mountain View High School Auditorium

    Release day purchases of the book, event pass, and other products, are possible, but priority will be given to orders placed before 11:30 p.m. November 23rd.

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