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Star Wars

So, I have now seen Episode Three twice. I like it. Actually, I liked it both times, for different reasons. The first time was for the special effects and action. The second time was for an appreciation of what Lucas was doing with his story.

I don’t think these movies are the most brilliant I’ve ever seen. There were things in Episode Three that I would have done differently. (Anakin’s final turn to the Dark Side felt a little anti-climactic to me, and the things he did just after it seemed too brutal for one who’d been led so subtly to the side of evil. Also, since when are Jedi so amazingly easy to kill?) However, I can appreciate the story that Lucas was trying to tell–especially the second time, when I could really look at his storytelling and let him say what he wanted to say.

I actually felt the same way about The Village. I liked it better the second time through because I wasn’t focusing so much on what happened, but on how it was happening. Often times, I wonder if we don’t give enough ‘benefit of the doubt’ to our modern storytellers. We want them to tell the story WE want to hear. Now, as a consumer public, this is partially our right. However, I think there’s also something wonderful to be said for seeing what a storyteller does, and appreciating the work as something told the way he or she wanted it told.

I’m getting around to posting June’s ELANTRIS goodie. This month will probably be the glossary/list of names. That means next month will likely be the first batch of deleted scenes, so be sure to keep checking back. For now, I’ve posted two new annotations:

Chapter Two
Chapter Three

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