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Spontaneous Frogs

We haven’t done a story prompt in a while, so here we go!

Idea of the day: Spontaneous Generation (Link Here) is real. Frogs come from mud, mice are born out of old rags sitting in piles, maggots are created by rotten meat.



Ah, mice. Always popping fully formed out of pots of meal, always looking for cheese, always speaking with random capitalization of words.

Anyway, I’ve always found this theory fascinating. It seems so logical, but it’s so far off. It’s one of the things I remember finding most interesting in my high school biology class. (Yeah, I know. The one thing I remember is the made up theory. I really am a fantasy writer.) However, I never paused, until a few days ago, to consider writing a world where this is actually the case.

I think it would make for a really interesting setting. What ramifications would this have on the world? What other types of spontaneous generation can you come up with? Is there a way to base a culture, a religion, or a magic system on the idea?

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