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Soul Stealing

Well, I’m on my way to Idaho this weekend for a cousin’s wedding. (Since this is Idaho we’re talking about, is it more proper to say weddin’? I’m not quite sure on that one.) I’ll stop by and sign some stock at the IF BN and perhaps the Pocatello Walden, so if you live up in them there parts, you can get yerself a signed book.

Lets do a story prompt.

Idea of the Day: Pictures steal souls. If you draw someone, or take a photograph of them, then you take away part of their soul or their abilities.

This, of course, comes from our own history. There are several cultures who believe that a photograph can steal a person’s soul, and there are even a few cultures out there who believe that any drawing of a person is taboo. In India, there were many who believed up into the Twentieth century that taking a picture of a man made them live a shorter lifespan.

This is a fascinating concept to me. How could you make a world where this really happened? What would be the effects? How would people then use drawings of people to form a magic system?

Anyway, just a thought. And, if story prompts aren’t your thing, Sinfest has a great pun up today on its comic strip. Be warned, however, that Sinfest is rather irreverent, and while this particular strip doesn’t swear, others occasionally do.

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