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Snapshot Cover Reveal, How to get your hands on the Mistborn Leatherbound + Updates

Adam here. You may remember a post that Brandon wrote this past summer regarding a novella he finished on his trip to the United Arab Emirates. It is called Snapshot and is a science fiction detective thriller. Normally when Brandon releases a novella he starts promotion at the time of release. This time, however, he is working with some of his long time colleagues (including a bookseller who long ago organized Brandon’s first real signing) who just started a specialty press. Snapshot doesn’t release till February but is available for pre-order now at the Vault Books website. Let me give a little warning here: the leatherbound collector’s editions are expensive. If the price tag makes your eyes bulge, realize there will be a simultaneous ebook, and then later in 2017 we will have a non-limited-edition hardcover available on Brandon’s website store. Without further adieu, here is your first look at the cover of Snapshot.

Another special edition that recently released, that is already sold out on Brandon’s website store, is the leatherbound edition of Mistborn: Final Empire. Below is a list of several independent bookstores around the country where you may be able to acquire one.

In this week’s new Writing Excuses episode, Hand-Selling Your Book to Potential Readers, with Michael R. Underwood, we hear about placing your product in the hand of your customer, the reader, rather than pitching to editors and agents.’s Warbreaker Reread: Last week, in chapter eight, Siri wandered the palace, wondering what to do with herself. This week, in chapter nine, Vivenna enters T’Telir, responding to it much differently than Siri had.

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