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Sludge World!

Time for an:

(Bask in the New Art glyph. Ooo.)

Idea of the Day: Sludge world. All of the people live on islands surrounded by a large, thick sludge. (Or something equally disturbing.) Touching it isn’t really healthy.

So, where did the sludge come from? What does it do to you? How do people cross it? Why did I come up with a loony idea like this?

I honestly don’t know. It seemed fairly cool to me when I was imagining it. Lots of room to expand on the world, and lots of room for the setting to influence culture and society. Mostly, I like this one for the visuals. Kind of reminds me of the old cartoon Pirates of Darkwater, which was a show that never really went as far as it could have.

In other news, check out today’s Sheldon and laugh:

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