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Signing + Pictures + Warbreaker

First off, it’s Wednesday, and I realize many of you are probably waiting for a new Warbreaker chapter. So, without further argument, here it is:

Remember, this is actually the second half of the previous chapter. I’m going to make them one file when I post them to the archives on my website and in the first forum post. And, speaking of my Forum, find all the previous Warbreaker chapters there:…

In other news, I’m doing my last signing for a while (probably until October) this Saturday! Come see me at the Murray, UT Borders (Across the street from Fashion Place Mall) at 2:00.

And, if you can’t make it, here are some action shots of me at my Sam Weller’s signing! (Which, by the way, was a blast. They have the best reception area for readings and lectures of any bookstore I’ve visited.)

In this case, “Action shot” indicates a picture of me with a very stupid expression on my face. Huzzah! I’m just trying to make you people underestimate me.

That’s a whole load of MISTBORN copies. Wow. You’d think I was building a wall to keep out the rampaging Mongol Hordes. (Oh, no! We’ll never capture China now! They’ve got several thousand copies of Brandon’s new book lined up! Do you know how heavy those things are?)

Thanks a bunch to Mike Mandell for the pictures.

|   Castellano