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Signing on Thursday

Just a heads up. I’ll be doing a signing at the BYU Bookstore this Thursday from 1:30-3:30 if anyone happens to be on campus or decides they want to stop by. It can be a little crazy there during Education Week, and so you’ll probably have to park at the Marriott Center. As always I’m happy to sit and chat and answer questions during signings.

We have a color corrected version of the poster image for the contest. Far less green. Very nice.

Thanks Mike! Responses to the contest so far have been very enthusiastic. Thank you! And, remember, if you want a shot at winning one, all you have to do is get a friend to read MISTBORN: THE FINAL EMPIRE.

Finally, this seems like a good time to being priming you all for the MISTBORN: THE HERO OF AGES release party. We’re going to do it at the BYU Bookstore this year. I love the local Waldenbooks, and I will certainly be signing there during the next few months, but I feel the BYU Bookstore is more equipped to handle an event this size. Plans right now are to do the release party from about 5:30-7:30 on October 14th. As always, I’ll be numbering each copy I sign during this event. I’ll also have the traditional cache of prizes for a drawing. (Separate from the poster drawing above, of course.)

I’m working with the Bookstore on how people can preorder, and am hoping that we’ll be able to ship books off to people that night who are out of town. So, if you live distantly but want to a signed/numbered copy, you should be able to get one. More news on this next week!

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