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Signing + Dragonsteel+Annotation

New Annotation: Mistborn Chapter Twenty-Four Part One

As I’ve posted on my forums, and on my little “book progress” box, my next project after Warbreaker will be a book called Dragonsteel. Since I’m
planning five or six books in this series, I want to start it off right. Therefore, I’ve
posted the first six chapters for criticism. If you’re interested in reading something new
from me, and are willing to give me comments, you can find the explanation and the download on this
thread: (Look near the
bottom of the first page.)
You can comment on the thread, or if you don’t want to
register, you can email me or post on my Livejournal.

Finally, I’ll be doing a signing in the
Wilkinsen Center at BYU at 4:00 on Saturday. Come out and say hi! I’m not exactly sure
where the signing will be–maybe in the bookstore. If I’m not there, ask them at the bookstore
and they should be able to direct you to the LTUE registration room.

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