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Signing + Annotation

First off, it looks like I lied to you.  I said that last week was going to be my last signing for a while, but I forgot that there would be a signing involved in the Children’s Festival which is happening this weekend at the Provo City Library.  If you live locally, you should check out that link—there’s going to be a whole TON of activities going on all day.  The date is this Saturday, the 17th, and I’ll be doing a reading from my Alcatraz books along with a panel about fantasy in Children’s Literature. 

The signing is from 2-4pm, and there will be copies of all of my books for sale (hopefully.)  I know for sure that they’ll have Alcatraz on sale, and I’ll have copies of the hardcovers of Mistborn and Elantris, just in case they don’t.  (As always, you can bring your own books as well and get them signed.)  So, if you missed me last week, you can come visit this week!

In other news, this weeks’ Writing Excuses is—in my opinion—one of our best to date.  We get into a gritty discussion of the adage I’ve (humbly) named Sanderson’s First Law, which outlines some of my opinions on magic systems and how to design them.  If you’re enjoying Writing Excuses, make sure to post links to it on writing blogs or forums that you frequent and help spread the word!  (Though please don’t spam randomly; that’s annoying.  A link in your sig or in a relevant topic, however, would be very much appreciated!)

Finally, an annotation for you Mistborn 2 readers.  (And for you WoT readers, I’ve added another percentage point to the bar.)

Annotation: Well of Ascension Chapter Thirty-Three

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