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Signed STEELHEART at Powell’s + Steelhunt update

The Steelheart tour continues. Today and tomorrow I’m in the Bay Area, and next week I’m in Seattle and San Diego. See my full schedule for details.

I’ve also arranged for Steelhunt codes to be hidden at a few more stores. (See these posts for a Steelhunt explanation and other participating locations.) Latest on the list is a hunting ground for all of you folks in Northern Michigan just south of Upper Michigan. There are 5 Steelhunt codes in Petoskey at McLean and Eakin Booksellers. Say hi to Zach for me when you stop by!

Now, Powell’s. Have I ever mentioned how much I like signing at Powell’s Cedar Hills Crossing store in Beaverton, Oregon? They have a great space there for reading, and there’s always a huge crowd. Whenever I have a stop there it’s one of the three best signings of the tour, so I look forward to every visit.

This week’s signing at Powell’s was no exception. The turnout was excellent as usual. (Though I’m really sorry to hear a couple of people arrived after 9:00 and got turned away at the mall doors. Often my signings will go three hours or more, and a bookstore will stay open past their usual closing time until everyone has come through the line. But the mall location makes it difficult for people to get in after closing time, so I’ll try to make sure that’s noted on my schedule in the future.)

While I was at Powell’s I signed shelf stock of a hundred copies of Steelheart. Ten random copies have Steelhunt codes inside. They ship worldwide, and orders of $50 or more get free shipping to US addresses. Indies like Powell’s are what make a book tour possible—if everyone bought from Amazon, there wouldn’t be any bookstores and you wouldn’t be able to meet me at any signings. I am happy for you to read books in whatever format works best for you, but if you like hardcovers I urge you to consider supporting the bookstores. If you haven’t picked up Steelheart yet, think about choosing Powell’s. Note: Their website has a listing for the signed copies that’s different from the regular listing, so be sure you use the signed listing if you don’t stop by the store.

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