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Signed Mistborn One Hardcovers!

As I’ve noted before, we’re slowly working on getting the store up and running. Well, today I got a large shipment filled with copies of MISTBORN: THE FINAL EMPIRE. Those things are taking up far too much room in my garage, and so I called up Spriggan (my webmaster) and we got to work on finally getting some functionality out of the store.

The result? At long last, we have hardcover books for sale. This marks the official launch of the store. (Even though some things were there for purchase earlier, we haven’t gotten the text written about them or anything like that.) To celebrate, we’re going to offer the copies of Mistborn One up for sale this month at $20, eight bucks off cover price. Hopefully, I can clear some of these things out of my garage. Shipping will be $3.50. The sale will last until the end of the month, after which the book will go up to $25.

Assuming this all works properly, you should be able to input your name (or, instead, the name of the person for whom you want me to sign the book) along with any notes or special instructions for the inscription. Put those in the comments section of your order–or, if you don’t want an inscription, write SIGNATURE ONLY. I’m willing to write pretty much whatever you want in the books, within reason, though I assume that most people will just want me to write whatever I choose. We CAN ship internationally, though it’s kind of expensive. Still, with the weakness of the US dollar lately, maybe it won’t turn out to be all that steep. Payments are through paypal, though you don’t need to have a paypal account to make an order. (Just click on the link that says “Use your credit card” once you’re on paypal’s site.)

It’s getting hard to find the Mistborn hardcover anywhere but Amazon, and even it makes finding the hardcover (instead of the paperback) kind of tough. So, I’m happy to have this up and running. Email me if there are any problems. Actually, email me after you make an order so that I can make sure everything is working smoothly. Eventually, we’ll be adding other things to the store, such as the ELANTRIS hardcover (though I don’t have many of those, so I probably won’t be able to discount them) and some other wacky things.

Also, yes, I know. Starting this up right AFTER the holidays is kind of strange. But, well, this isn’t really expected to be a large source of income for me. Mostly, it’s a feature for the site I wanted to have for those who want it. Other things in the site rebuild were far more important. At least this way it will be up for the holidays NEXT year, assuming the books last that long.

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