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Signed books, Shardhunt, midnight release video, Writing Excuses & updates

Tomorrow I’m signing at Joseph-Beth in Lexington. This is a numbered signing, but if you don’t have a ticket they’ll let you sneak in at the end. Still, it’s nice to buy something from the store while you’re there.

Signed Michael Whelan art prints will also be available at this event, for The Way of Kings, A Memory of Light, Words of Radiance, and the Shallan endpaper. I will be happy to sign these prints too.

The rest of this week I’m signing in the metro areas of Dayton, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Milwaukee.

Here are the stores I signed at last week. Call one of them, or the stores from the previous week, to see if they have a signed copy of the book they can ship to you. Murder by the Book in Houston, Barnes & Noble in Omaha, The Poisoned Pen in Phoenix, and Mostly Books in Tucson.

The Shardhunt is continuing, and the most recent unlock is the first batch of annotations for The Alloy of Law. It starts with chapter 2 because I haven’t written annotations for the prologue or first chapter yet. Sorry! Unlocked Shardhunt content can be seen by everyone, whether you’ve found a code or not. And there are annotations for more of my books here.

I gave out some codes at my signings, and I also left some on Szeth standup cards in signed books in airport bookstores. Sometimes those books get bought from the airports very quickly, but occasionally I go through an airport again weeks later and see a signed copy or two still there. So if you happen to be flying through these airports, check out the following stores:

  • SLC airport: Both bookstores, by gate C6 and by the B gates security checkpoint.
  • IAH airport: The Fully Booked store by gate C43 and the Simply Books stores in the center of the B gates and by gate C14.
  • OMA airport: Hudson News stores by the A gates and by the food court (outside security).
  • PHX airport: Hudson News by gate B21.

My assistant Peter has updated the March Twitter posts archive to include tweets from last week.

The most recent Writing Excuses episode was a microcast where we briefly addressed questions from listeners. Eric James Stone joined us to respond to the following questions:

  • Should a pantser rewrite their book once they know the whole story?
  • What do you find most useful from an editor?
  • Story creation is cool, but can Writing Excuses talk more about sentence-level work?
  • What advice do you have for pitching to agents and editors?
  • What’s the worst writing advice you’ve ever gotten?
  • How do you encourage a writer-friend who is down on their work?

Finally, here’s a video of my reading and Q&A from the Words of Radiance midnight release. You can’t see it from the camera angle, but there were 600 people there.

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