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Sign up NOW for the Shadows of Self BYU midnight release digital line

As I said in my blog post earlier this week, we are going to be doing the signing at the October 5–6 BYU Store midnight release party for Shadows of Self a little differently from previous signings. In past years some readers have enjoyed camping out at the bookstore to get a low-numbered copy. This year, for various reasons, we’re trying something new: a digital line. Numbers 1–100 in the line will be assigned by raffle, and higher numbers will be assigned by the order you enter the digital line. For full details, see the previous post.

The signup form is now live right here at this link. You must enter within the first 24 hours after noon (Mountain Time) on Friday, September 18, to get into the raffle for the top 100 numbers. Only one submission per person. This is a line! (Duplicates will be deleted.)

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