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Shipping For the Holidays

If you’re thinking of grabbing signed hardcovers of Mistborn or Elantris for gifts this holiday season, I’m happy to sign specific greetings!  Just remember to put an explanation in the signing instructions telling me who the book is for, and what you want me to write.  (Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Koloss Head-Munching day, whatever.)  I’m hoping to have a few more items in the store here in the next few days, but we’ll see if we get them up in time. 

For books, the Christmas shipping deadline is quickly approaching.  International orders will have to be in by Wednesday afternoon at three (U.S. Mountain time—so you’ve got about 48 hours to get them in.)  That will give me time to sign them and ship them.  For U.S. and Canada, you’ll want to get them in by midnight on Friday the 5th.  Anything later than that, and we can’t guarantee that they’ll arrive in time for Christmas.  (Though you can still order and we’ll try.)  If you’re ordering after this date and you absolutely must have it by Christmas, contact my assistant Becky ([email protected]) to arrange express shipping. 

Also, in a side note, I’ve gotten a few emails about the Mistborn audiobooks.  Yes, Mistborn: The Hero of Ages is out right now un audio.  Books one and two are not.  Tor decided that the best thing to do was do Book Three first, since the newest released books tend to sell the best, even if the older ones aren’t out in audio.  But they ARE working on Books One and Two for an audio release too.  Last I heard, they were planning to have them out by the end of the year—but we’ll see.  (And I’m not sure what the status is on Alcatraz Two’s audio release.)

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