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Sheldon + Annotation

New Annotation: Chapter Eleven. Double sized!

As many of you may know from my frequent posts, the webcomic Sheldon is one of my personal favorites. A few years back, its artist decided to join a comic syndicate. I was originally eager, since I thought this might mean seeing one of my favorite webcomics finally make the transition to a newspaper comic.

Soon, however, I became disillusioned. only allowed up 30 days of archives, which meant any links I threw to the comic would be outdated in thirty days. Plus, I wouldn’t be able to go back and find my favorites. On top of that, the site is filled with banner adds and pop-ups, not to mention the fact that they seem to be very lax about posting comics on time. Mix that up with the fact that Sheldon never did get to be a newspaper comic, and I think I can figure out why Dave is taking the comic freelance again.

Tomorrow is the first day at his new website, I highly recommend a visit to show solidarity for the move.

Oh, and today’s comic–the last, I assume, at–is rather amusing.

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