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Shadows of Self tour ends + Updates

My tour for Shadows of Self wrapped up yesterday, and it was awesome to see so many of you! I will be posting some of the highlights from my tour over the next few weeks.

If you were unable to come to one of my tour stops, it’s okay—the greatest compliment you can give me is to read my books. I still have YALLFest in Charleston coming up in November, and I’ll be adding some Utah and Idaho signings around holidays in November and December. As always, if you’d like email reminders when I’m going to be near your city, tell me your metro area here.

In this week’s episode of Writing Excuses, Q & A on Endings, Delia Sherman joined us aboard the Independence of the Seas to answer the following questions from the attendees at the Writing Excuses Workshop:

  • Why do more short stories than novels end on tragic notes?
  • How do you keep an ending from being predictable or boring?
  • How do you write a stand-alone ending with sequel potential?
  • What are the best ways to avoid infodump endings?
  • Are there differences between writing the first novel in a series and other novels in the series?
  • How do you know which questions to leave unanswered?
  • What sort of attention do you give to your last lines?

Last week, in’s continuing reread posts for Words of Radiance, Lift and Wyndle led us into discussions of Edgedancers, the Cognitive Realm, murder, and justice. This week, in Interlude 10, we join Szeth atop the highest tower in the world to contemplate the End of All Things—or the end of all his former assumptions, anyway.

My assistant Adam is working on updating the Twitter post archive for September and October.

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