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Scribbler Chapter Three

So, the outage hasn’t actually happened yet. I missed posting yesterday because I’m lazy. I tell ya, a guy’s wife leaves town and he regresses completely back to bachelorhood in like less than ten seconds. Sleeping on the couch, eating fast food, playing video games all day, forgetting to update his blog….

Here’s a new piece of fiction for you: Scribbler Chapter Three

This will be the last Scribbler chapter I will post until I do the revision sometime this summer. I’m planning to rework these chapters a lot, so I’ll show you the new ones when I have them finished.

I’ll find something new to throw up next week–though it will probably late. Chances are good that I’ll leave on Saturday and stay in California Sunday through Tuesday, meaning I will miss posting on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. There should be a new annotation tomorrow, however.

And, to apologize for being late with this, here’s an ultra cool link for the week: Print off and make your own paper sci-fi creations!

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