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Scribbler Chapter One

As I said, on Wednesdays I want to see if I can provide some sort of new goodie or writing sample each week. Partially because I enjoyed releasing Warbreaker like I did, and partially so that I can involve my readers a little bit more in the process.

So, I’ll be releasing a few chapters of Scribbler over the next few weeks. I won’t be releasing the entire book–this one doesn’t have a home yet, and we’ll be shopping it to publishers later this year. I can’t post much of it (or even send out copies the book to many people) for fear of interfering with that. But, I can put up two or three chapters for you to look at.

This book was something of an experiment for me. I wanted to try an actual Young Adult book (my Alcatraz novels are technically middle grade.) I had a great idea for a magic system and plot, and so eventually I broke down and wrote this chapter. Once I had it done, I knew I had to finish the book.

So, here you go–enjoy reading it. Some enterprising people on my forums have already noticed that I uploaded this a few weeks back. I’m going to have to keep an eye on thinks like that. 🙂

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