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Starsight (Skyward 2) 4th draft
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Skyward release
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MTG: Children of the Nameless release
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Scribbler Chapter 2 + Conduit

Here’s a new sample chapter: Scribbler Chapter Two

I’ll post one more of these next week before moving on to doing some bonus Warbreaker material the week after that. Also, I’ve got a really cool reading of Elantris chapter one that someone did and I’m trying to find a good day to post it. Probably tomorrow.

I’m still in Idaho for the day, but will be back this evening. Then, I will be at Conduit this weekend. Here’s my schedule, which includes a signing, where you can pick up Alcatraz teaser booklets from me if you’re around. Also, I’ll be giving a writing workshop in the form, likely, of one of my BYU class discussions. Should be fun.)

Fri. 1:00 pm : worldbuilding: religion
Fri. 3pm – 5pm: presentation on writing
Fri. 6:00 pm: Book signing
Sat. noon: Dealing with Interruptions in your Work
Sat. 1:00 pm: Reading
Sat. 3:00 pm: Romance in SF
Sat. 4:00 pm: Dealing with Editors

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