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Scalzi Award + Warbreaker

First off, new Warbreaker. There will be more on this chapter next week. . . .

As always, I really appreciate comments on the TWG thread or on my Livejournal. Also, you can find all of the previous chapters at the beginning of the thread. . . .

Now, on to other business. Let me tell you a tale. It’s a tale of loss, a tale of victory, and a tale of a bunch of crazy people with too much time on their hands.

A tale of the Scalzi award.

So, you probably know that I was up for the Campbell award for best new writer this year. You also probably know that I lost to Scalzi, who managed to get nominated for both the Campbell AND the Hugo for best novel. (SCALZIII!!!!)

You may not realize, however, that there is another, lesser known award tied to the Campbell. It’s the Scalzi award, given by my loony friends to that writer who gets beaten by his evil nemesis for a writing award.

They actually got John to sign a Lego–not telling him what it was for–then built a Lego rocket ship, patterned after a Hugo award, using the block. They gave me this after the award ceremony as a consolation prize.

I have the coolest, and the craziest, friends ever. Pictures follow.

Me, with the Award.

That is ScalziBane that John is holding. Yes, he does have on a tiara. I’ll explain both at a later date. For now, let me simply say . . . SCALZIII!!!!

|   Castellano