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Romantic Times + Comic about me + Annotation

So, turns out that my Evil Nemesis and I are both up for Romantic Times awards this year. Since I won one last year, now I’m wondering if I can go back to back on the romance front. Maybe I’m in the wrong genre. . . .

On a more serious note, I’m very honored, and I’m quite impressed with the Romantic Times for doing awards and reviews in other genres. Romance is one of the top dogs in publishing, and they don’t need to reach across the isle to other genres. It’s cool that they are so willing to point their readers toward things outside of their own corner of the bookstore.

Oh, and John and I are nominated in different categories, which is fine with me. I’m still reeling from the beating I took from him at the Campbell awards. I must hide and wait for a while before taking my revenge.

In other words, I’ve been made fun of! A webcomic did a parody of my essay on hardback vs. paperback sales. Have a look (warning–some objectionable language):

Note–I’d rather that those who read here NOT go post critical comments on the webcomic website. I think they misinterpreted my essay quite profoundly, but I’ve made a response–which you can see–and think that should stand. They have a right to their opinions, and I believe they should be respected. If you want to discuss the essay with them, and others, use the link to FantasyBookSpot that the webcomic artist put in their comments. There’s a good discussion there. Also, give the comic archives a read–they’re fun!

Next, here’s an annotation: Mistborn Chapter Eighteen Part Two

p.s. Thanks to Neth for the heads up about the comic.

p.p.s. SCALZIII!!!!!

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