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Robot Reversal + Link Dump

We’ll do an Idea of the Day in a moment. First, a couple of very cool links for you to check out:

Mistborn Role Playing!

A reader and fan of the book has set up a place to begin a Mistborn RPG on-line. This is utterly cool! If you have any interests in this direction, I suggest you stop by!


Japanese review of ELANTRIS. In Japanese. Apparently. All I see are question marks. (Which is often a response to my work….)

Finally, a link to Alma Alexander–fantasy author–tackling the question “Where do you get your ideas?” Fun post, good read.

Idea of the Day: Write a story about a human who lives in a world dominated by robots, and who wants to become a robot.

I’m a little tired of the ‘real boy’ syndrome. It was fun in Pinocchio, interesting in Asimov, old by the time Star Trek tried it, and is now downright dead and buried. Besides, it’s completely illogical, and never quite seemed to fit with the idea of a robot that I have.

But, has anyone ever done the opposite? A human who looks up to robots (yes, I know about the St:tNG episode about the boy who wants to be Data. I mean for real.) A human in a society where he wants to become more robotic, eventually joining with the ruling class.

What kinds of things would the human want to experience? Data wanted emotions. Would this person be interested in feeling what it’s like to interface?

Just a thought. Hope you can use it. Annotation tomorrow.

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